I remember seeing a ghost when I was a small kid, maybe 7 or 8-years young. 


Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

 My brother and I were watching tv in the afternoon on a cool winter's day when we saw a woman in the window dressed in a long white nightgown. She had long stringy white hair, she was an older woman who was slowly swaying side to side as she sauntered up our walkway. 

 She looked disheveled, like she had just woken up as she kept coming closer to our front door.  My brother and I looked at each other with almost frightened curiosity like, “You see that lady, right?” 

My brother did see her too... But she never came up to our door on our porch. She vanished into thin air. There’s no where she could’ve gone due to our blocked porch with trees. So, where did she go?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

My brother and I still talk about that ghostly encounter to this day. Our eyes didn’t play tricks on us, we BOTH saw her. Is seeing believing??

Because if that’s the case we definitely saw a person outside the window of our childhood home. We try to explain it away with logic; the curtains played a trick on us. Or with science, the light refracted on the window to make a silhouette. We explain it away with anything, but the fact that it really could’ve been a ghost. 

Do you believe in spirits? Do you think these phantoms beings can live on after they’ve perished in their lifetime? I think so. Ghosts visit me often, in fact. 

If you've never seen a ghost, maybe you will at one of these spooky places in Montana! According to DiscoverMontana.com, these ghost towns have loads of history and I will be attending some of the famous "Ghost Walks." 

  1. Virginia City 
  2. Nevada City 
  3. Granite 
  4. Elkhorn State Park 
  5. Marysville 
  6. Garnet 
  7. Comet 
  8. Castle Town 
  9. Kendall 
  10. Bannack State Park  

I plan on visiting these places in the coming years. I think I have the gift of seeing ghosts, because the tale of the ghostly old lady doesn’t end here.

Don’t miss part II of my ghost story coming next Monday!  


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