No longer will you have to dig in the cushions of your car seats or do crazy yoga positions to get a glimpse under your car seat to find a quarter or some dimes! Downtown Billings will be getting smart meters which, if I'm correct, are the where you go pay at the big meter and then stick the paper in your dash or on your window. Now, please note, that just because the meters are being removed doesn't mean you will be getting a bunch of free parking. Signs will be up in place of the meters for now.

And a friendly reminder that parking downtown is already free on nights and weekends so you can shop local! News story below!

KCTR Newsroom - Downtown Billings’ 10-hour parking meters– removed this week from Fourth Avenue North– are the first of what will be the complete removal of all 68 10-hour meters, according to the Billings Parking Division.  Parking Manager Tracy Scott said Thursday that 10-hour parking signs are being erected in place of the meters as they’re removed. Downtown parking is enforced Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but parking is free evenings and weekends.

Crews are currently busy with snow removal, but 10-hour meters slated for removal are on Third Avenue North, on North 30th Street, along North Broadway, on North 25th Street and along South 28th Street. The Parking Division is set to seek bids on 150 smart meters, which are expected to be installed in the spring or summer. Ten-hour parking permits are available through the Downtown Billings Alliance for $20 per month by calling 406-294-5060.

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