Autumn is arguably the best time of the year. Yes, we all know football is back. But what about those Saturday evenings and you're needing something cool and sexy to do with your person here in Billings?? I got you covered. 

  1. The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm  Nothing more fun than getting lost with your person and then arguing over which way to turn next so you can find your way out. And hopefully it’s not two hours later. 
  2.  The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm Pumpkin Patch  Who doesn’t love picking out the most perfect pumpkin? In recent years I’ve gravitated towards the warty, ugly pumpkins. They wanna be picked too! Then you carve ‘em up, pick out the seeds and guts, and have yourself a delicious roasted snack after all your hard work is done. 
  3.  Rocky Horror Picture Show is showing at the Babcock Theatre on October 22. It’s a classic movie that will make you laugh and probably question all their choices for that film. Nonetheless, it’s a fan favorite when Halloween time rolls around.  
  4.  If you like Fall festive beer, there’s plenty of breweries like Montana Brewing Co.  who has a delicious craft pumpkin beer and other malty brews to get you into the spirit, or the sexy mood you’re looking for. 😉 
  5.  Sleepy Hollow Montana one of Billing's best Haunted House Attractions that changes every single year. Clutch onto your boo when the ghouls try to get ya! Just don’t punch the actors... that’s on you dude.  
  6.  Haunted Moss Mansion Museum This Haunted Tour is at the top of my bucket list. I love weird, creepy occult stuff and this looks like a good spooky day to have with my man. I’ve seen ghosts in my life before, maybe I will see another in the mansion. They also hold fun murder mystery parties which I’m looking forward to. 
  7.  Leaf Peeping on the way up to Red Lodge, Mt This gorgeous drive has many species of trees that line the roads with the beautiful golden aspens to bright orange oak trees. Did someone say a sexy photo sesh? Yes, we did.  
  8.  Adopt a black kitty from the Yellowstone Animal Shelter together. Nothing like adding an animal companion to test your relationship. 
  9. Sunflower Fields coming next year... A field of natural beauty perfect for bombarding social media with photos of you getting proposed to by your man. Hopefully he’s not sleeping with putting that ring on your finger. He has one more year to plan a perfect proposal with the sunflowers. Hint Hint dudes... Check out Trent's story here about the sunflowers to come! 
  10. Fire side chats. If you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit in your yard or on your property then a lovely fall evening of fire side chats and stories is always a go-to for my autumn fun with my man. Plus, what’s sexier than a fire with your boo?  Not much. 


10 Romantic Things to do this Autumn with Your Boo in Billings, MT

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