Ever wonder if there is a solution to all the gun problems we have in the world? While this invention may not prevent all of them, it could certainly aid in accidental gun accidents and situations where guns are stolen.

A 19-year-old student at MIT is working on the final prototype for a handgun that has smart technology. The gun will only fire if the owner's fingerprint unlocks the gun. Apparently, this gun can have multiple users added to it but just you if you prefer. The student had actually been working on the gun since he was 15-years-old! The battery life on the gun is for a whole year from one single charge and the gun only takes .5 seconds to unlock.

Personally, I'm hoping this gun becomes available. I can only imagine how many deaths could be prevented from such an invention. I mean, we have finger print locks on our iPhones so no one can get on them or if they steal them, they can't get into them. Same idea for for a weapon.

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