Ever feel like your life is a constant state of ciaos? Like you go from appointment to appointment or day to day and just feel like you can't catch up... Like you're overwhelmed? Well, you are in good company. My life is about 75% ciaos and 25% about to be ciaos haha. But, once I started doing these three things I felt SO much better. It didn't change the ciaos but it definitely helped with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning
Seems so simple right? It will literally rock your world! I don't know why but making my bed every morning makes me feel like I've already accomplished something and now I can move onto the next thing I need to tackle. And, when I come home it is one less thing that I have to look at or complain about! And... getting into a made bed is THE best!

2. Clean Out Your Purse
It's the one thing you have with you all the time and the one thing you get into multiple times a day. If you're life is crazy then having a clean purse can be an escape that you aren't even aware of. Having something as easy as your purse put together is one of the best feelings. You can easily find what you need AND when you do clean it out you will be surprised at how many things you don't actually need in there anymore - like that half eaten protein bar and dental cleaning reminder card from four months ago. Classic. Dudes.... your wallet. You don't need that receipt from Five Guys Burgers from back at the grand opening. THROW. IT. AWAY!

3. Clean Out Your Car
Did you know that when the CEO of Microsoft interviews people he asks them to a lunch interview and then asks THEM to drive... YIKES! Can you image if your car had cheerios, dog hair, toys, dirty gym clothes, food waste and Starbucks cups all over and the CEO of Microsoft is about to get in your car?? The panic would definitely ensue. Now, I realize we all aren't going to be in that situation but I can image that the candidates that had a clean car made a good first impression and most likely got the job. And I'd being willing to guess they got the job because they looked like a more put together person. Do I realize that your car can't be perfect all the time? YES, totally. But I also know that life isn't perfect all the time and the one thing in my control is taking 10 minutes to clean my car out. Plus, it feels so good to have a completely cleaned out car. You will literally feel like a new woman or man!

Well, give them a try. All three things. I promise you will feel 100 times better and like a whole new person!

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