Hey friends, readers, and loyal listeners of Billings Townsquare Media radio stations! Thanks for welcoming me into your Billings community recently.

I'm Nikki and I just moved here and started as your new morning show host on Mix 97.1 for Billings Townsquare Media up in the big DoubleTree Hotel downtown. You'll hear me on the air at 97.1 FM every weekday 6-10 a.m. with my co-host OG Michael and see my name, Nikki Vega, on bylines in your news feed.

I thought I'd introduce myself with a list of things that make me who I am. I'm a hyper person who loves to talk about anything beyond the Sun, literally. You like astronomy? We will get along. So, enjoy! :)

Who is the New Girl on Billings Townsquare Media Radio Station??

Nikki Vega is the new Content Creator for Townsquare Media in Billings, Montana. Get to know the newbie with these 30 random facts about her.

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