If you have car you are very proud of you should be apart of this. Coming up on the 28th of this month is the 3rd Annual Steel On Wheels Car Show. The show goes from 10 AM - 1 PM. If you want to enter your car it is $15.00. If you just want to be a spectator it is only $5.00. Everything that is raised is going to a wonderful cause.

It is unreal how many kids right here in the magic city don't have food when they get home. That just breaks my heart. This car show will go to help fill the pantry for the kids who need help at Skyview over the weekend, holidays, and just day to day life. If you need more details or want to register your sweet ride do it here https://skyviewcarshow.weebly.com/. One other thing I should mention is if the weather is bad the date maybe rescheduled.

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