Say it ain't so! Sad news for one of our favorite couples -- it looks like Auston Mahone and Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony have ended their relationship.

During a radio interview with 96.1 KISS FM, which you can hear in the player above, Camila was asked about how her relationship with Austin was going, and considering the couple just recently confirmed that they were together (which is what we'd suspected all along) we were shocked to hear her say they had ended things. She told the interviewer: "We're actually not together anymore. [It happened] just recently, but hey, things happen."

Camila sounded a little sad about it, but didn't say anything negative about Austin, instead moving on to say now that she's single she needs "some mistletoe action" and talk about the exciting, upcoming things Fifth Harmony have lined up -- including a performance for our favorite FLOTUS, Michelle Obama!

You can listen to the audio above and hear Camila speak briefly about the breakup.

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