For those who think Rio is just one big party, well, you may be onto something.

BBC Four's coverage of the Summer Olympics was hilariously disrupted over the weekend by a bachelorette party -- or hen party as it's called in Britain -- that came storming through the set.

The host maintained his cool in the face of some wild -- and possibly inebriated -- ladies. The real highlight, though, came when the bride-to-be, Maria, decided she would walk onto the set uninvited and sit down for an interview. Because in these Olympics, with the human interest, the drama, the records falling like dominoes, the one person who needs to be interviewed is a young lady fired up that she's going to be walking down the aisle.

You gotta love all of Maria's friends busting out the chant in her name, too. That's some Olympic-sized enthusiasm. And best of luck to the groom, too. His fiancee is a woman who isn't afraid to barge into coverage of the world's biggest athletic event. You can bet she's not going to back down when they have an argument.

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