When I googled best restaurants in Billings, Montana there are TONS that pop up

But here’s the thing- I don’t want to go off of Google‘s opinion because well, all these places could just buy their spot on Google, OR they hired a really good marketing team to put them at the top of the list.  

That’s why I’m asking the citizens of Billings, MT to help me figure out which restaurant is the best, and has a fancy environment for a birthday. 

Now I’m not talking about just the best food. I want the sexiest environment,  delicious cocktails, something swanky because it is my man’s 50th birthday this week! 

 Joe is a Libra, if you know anything about astrology then you know Libras like it fancy. 

And don’t worry, I did ask Joe if I could say his actual age in my post and why not? People are so weird about age and aging in general, but not me. I’m just trying to be 100% authentic with you. 

So, I need your help with choosing the right restaurant for this huge milestone birthday in my man’s life. 

Here are some options that I’ve heard over the last week here in Billings, and we will have to nail one down by Friday, for this big birthday bash! 


  1. Enzo  
  2. The Windmill and Bar 51 
  3. Marble Table 
  4. Jake’s 
  5. Buffalo Block 

Now remember, I want a great atmosphere with delicious food. I want the sex appeal to be apparent for where ever we eat.  

So, think hard Montanans. I need your help choosing the absolute best place to eat and drink; the dollar amount doesn’t matter because Joe deserves this.  By the end of the week, I will take the top five restaurants and put up a poll on Facebook to get my final answer!

And also, thank you my new friends for your much-needed help. I want Joe to have a 50th birthday he’ll remember for the rest of his life.  I'll update the final answer here as well once we all figure out together what is the best birthday restaurant in Billings, MT. 

Much love, 

Nikki V.  


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