Today at work we had a potluck and Kris and I may or may not have forgot. Ooops. So we did what any person in a panic would do and had someone else make our dish. I went with and awesome big cookie with ice cream and Kris went with some burgers. Not just any burgers but Sandee's burgers. Wonderful choice in my mind and clearly with my coworkers, because as soon as he got back with them the room went silent. We had all been chatting it up big time then those happened! Talk about a mic drop.

I have said it to Kris at least a hundred times that they have the best burgers in town hands down. He said I am just doing "the Kaitlyn thing" where everything is awesome haha yet I don't think I am wrong on this! I remember getting Sandee's as a kid so maybe that is why I vote that they are the best. So the question is.... who else in town has a burger that compete with those little slices of heaven? I know Burger dive and Kings Hat are amazing but who else is worth the try?

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