This is a really good reminder to watch what you click on or post onto social media. It could be as simple as entering your phone number or email but then you start getting inundated with phone calls from random numbers and emails asking for more info. Also, don't post info that could be associated with security questions for banking, etc. I believe that is how this concert scam got going, unfortunately.

KBUL Newsroom - Two security scams have been going viral on Facebook in the past few weeks, but cyber-security experts warn that they could actually have unintended consequences. According to a Billings report on, one of the cyber-phishing ploys involves fake coupons claiming to offer deals ahead of Mother’s Day, which have been directing users to a site intended to steal information.

The other is a surprisingly popular game, posting the names of 10 concerts you’ve been to, including one that’s actually a lie– and your Facebook friends are supposed to guess which concert is the lie. Well, it turns out this seemingly innocuous little game could actually be an attempt to acquire personal information, while a home improvement coupon posted on the site was considered a phishing scam. If you suspect a post is fake, report it to Facebook.

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