What fills every table at the Grand Stand Sports Bar at 905 Grand Avenue every Tuesday evening?  What makes every seat so valuable that every attendee should claim a stool and stay on it?


Adults of all ages come to the Grand Stand for the chance to turn a $10 card into hundreds of dollars in cash.  The weekly event fills the bar, as the noise level becomes thunderous leading up to the 7:00 p.m. start.

That $10 per card actually funds four rounds of Bingo for the night.  The first round is $1, the second $2, the third $3 and the final fourth round is $4.

Why stick around for all four rounds?  Because the pot rises with each round too.

I took a break from trivia prep last week to play the Bingo game hosted by Jevon Lorenz.  Players pay for as many rounds as they want, so I bought a card for the first two rounds and paid only $3.  With a crowded sports bar, the prize money in the first round was over $200 and the prize money in the second over $400.  You see the appeal now?

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

Real Bingo players show up to the Grand Stand to win, buying multiple cards so to nearly cover their table.  Barely enough space for dinner and drinks.

Jevon rolls the tumbler and calls each letter/number three times.  Have to pay attention lest you neglect the spot on the card that makes a winner.  As the game progresses, the crowd quiets as they concentrate on their cards.

Then there's the Bingo running gags.  "B4, and after."  "B9, or don't you mean 'Be mine?'"

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

So c'mon over to the Grand Stand for the Bingo, the meals, appetizers and drinks, and the chance to return home with a profit.  Every Tuesday night.

If Trivia is more your style, the Grand Stand has that every Wednesday night starting at 7:00.  A team competition, teams may be any size, four rounds of ten questions each.  Cash prizes for top three teams.

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