I have always loved Jewel. I remember when I got one of cd's and it had some weird poetry about shaving or not shaving your pits, but regardless of being to young to have to worry about the shaving part I still loved her! Her story is an inspiration for sure. Being raised by a single dad to living in her car. She is something else. The other night I watched Celebrity Undercover Boss and she happened to be the one on it. After watching how sweet she was to all of the people on the show I fell that much more in love with her. No lie I cried... a lot... by myself. I actually was one the phone with a coworker as soon as the show was over and he thought something was really wrong with me. No nothing wrong she was just that sweet.

I was so excited when I saw that she would be the artist that would be at the Billings Clinic Classic! I seriously almost did not believe it. The Classic will be on August 25th at 8 PM - 12 AM at the Alberta Bair Theater. Tickets are on sale and the proceeds will go towards Billings Clinic Pediatrics and Pediatric Specialty Services. Tickets go from $100 - $200 and you get them by calling the Billings Clinic Foundation at 657-4670. Great cause and a great artist equals a great night!

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