I used to have my own dog walking business.  

It was quite successful and I did it for 5 years until the pandemic started. I walked all different types of dogs  like a Pomeranian, a Shiatsu, a Coon and Basset hound, and of course all the different mutts we love.


But my all-time favorite dogs are Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain dogs.  

They’re so fluffy, and usually like to be lazy. A 30-minute walk was all they could really handle before feeling over worked and hot. They make great companions because these big fluffies love attention and some will even let you hug and cuddle them.  

Gunther (below) was my favorite client.

Credit: Nikki V.
Credit: Nikki V.     Gunther loved to smell flowers.

He greeted me with the most enthusiasm, he was an easy walk because he never pulled the leash. My second favorite client was Norman, the Newfie. He was HUGE.(Photo below) 120lbs at just 9 months old... talk about a massive baby.  

Credit: Nikki Vega Norman makes the goofiest faces.
Credit: Nikki Vega           Norman makes the goofiest faces.

I need to find the owner of these dogs that we’ve spotted around Billings.  

It may be a shot in the dark, but I just need to bask in their ambiance.

We've spotted the dogs from the heights all the way to the west side. The dogs in the back of the pickup truck just stay there like the good doggos they are, patiently waiting for their owner’s return. All I gotta ask is, “Whose dogs are these? And can I please pet them?!”  

Credit: Aaron Consalvi
Credit: Aaron Consalvi      Two

I’m determined to find out whose dogs these are

I swear, the dog walking job was my favorite job I’ve ever had besides the Morning Mix 97.1. I love all animals, but dogs are angels to us humans.  Any chance I get to pet any dog is a great day for me. 

Credit: Aaron Consalvi
Credit: Aaron Consalvi     Giant dog spotted again at Walmart in the heights

If you know the owner of these fabulous creatures in Billings, please feel free to share this story with them and hopefully one day soon, I can meet these precious, giant angels.  

You can email me at:  Mornings@Billingsmix.com

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