We never want to expect the worst for ourselves or our families, but sometimes, life doesn't go as planned. The "unexpected" can be even more heartbreaking when it happens to a teenager, a child, or an infant.

Imagine if your teenage son fell off the rims and shattered his pelvis and shoulder, his lung collapsed, and his liver was lacerated. Obviously, it's horrible to imagine, but it actually happened to Jason, a Billings resident. Fortunately, he didn't need to be transported to Salt Lake City, or Denver. He was treated in the ICU and the pediatric unit at St Vincent Children's.

“It’s hard to see your child like that and know that there’s nothing that you can do about it,” said Jason’s mother. “The nurses have the most gratitude that I can possibly give them. You never know how much you need a pediatric unit, until you are there with them."

For new parents, sometimes "the unexpected" is being pregnant at all, for others, it's meeting your little one much before their due date. Fortunately, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at St. Vincent's offers care that is "unparalleled in our region," according to St. Vincent Foundation Executive Director, Ty Elkin. Their facility can accommodate as many as 26 premature infants, depending on how many sets of twins they have. The department is also staffed 24/7 by Pediatric Intensivists and the only Pediatric Surgery program in Eastern Montana.

Credit: Ashley Warren
Credit: Ashley Warren

To have such a world-class facility in Billings it takes the support of our community to make sure we can continue to care for sick and injured kids. “Your philanthropic contributions help ensure every child, from every background and walk of life, receives exceptional care, regardless of illness, injury or ability to pay,” Elkin said.

Our sister station Cat Country 102.9 is proud to be hosting the sixth annual Call for Kids Mediathon on Wednesday, March 11. Listen to Cat Country 102.9 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. to hears stories of courage, hope, and strength. Funds raised will be benefit St. Vincent Children's Healthcare Services. Call to show you care or donate online at svhkids.org. 

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