This is definitely going to be on the 'Feel Good Story of the Day' today!! I love seeing people from all over the country coming together to support fellow humans. Putting aside race, religion, politics and gender and just helping because they are humans and it is what we are suppose to do. I can only image what the nurses down in the Houston area are going through. Nurses already work crazy hours, have a lot of responsibility and don't get much rest but to be in the middle of a disaster zone.. literally. Two big high fives to Merilee Cole!!! You are a girl boss in my books!

KBUL Newsroom - reports that people from around the country are doing what they can to help Hurricane Harvey survivors, including Good Samaritans from the Billings area. Merilee Cole is a nurse at the Billings Clinic Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. She traveled to Texas on Thursday to help relieve hospital staff in the area. Nurses in Greater Houston have been working for days without relief because many of those who typically work at the facilities can’t get there.

Cole made the decision after seeing a plea for NIC-U nurses. She flew out of Billings yesterday afternoon and will meet with 25 other nurses from around the country in the Capitol City of Austin. From there, they will be taken into Houston by the National Guard. The nurses will stay in Houston for two weeks in patient rooms at the hospital.

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