I was honestly getting used to the 50 degree weather that we had on Tuesday. I mean I didn't even wear a jacket when I went to Costco on Sunday, either.... Crazy!

As someone who is not native to Montana, snow is a new thing for me. I love it but I just don't love driving in it. And the cold temperature honestly have not bothered me because it is more of a dry cold. Wet cold, like in Seattle, is the WORST. Not only are you wet and miserable from constant rain but then it is also in the 40s but it feels much worse. I'll take 10 degrees, sun and snow any day.

But, just when you think it's starting to warm up and thaw out... Nope! Not only are we planned to get more snow into the weekend and next week but we are somewhat trending the same as the 2013-2014 winter which produced 100 inches of snow. At this time they had 53 inches and we are at 46 with more expected! YIKES! Better find that snow shovel again!

Full news story from Billings Gazette here.

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