Meet 'Bones, James Bones' our featured Wet Nose Wednesday Pet.

Each week we feature a new adoptable pet from Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter and today our pet is a dog named Bones. Bones is a big, boy. We're not into fat-shaming, but there is no way around describing Bones as very overweight. He tips the scales at a whopping 106 pounds, at least 30 pounds more than the ideal weight for this breed of dog.

Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

There is a lot to love about this dog.

Bones is a six-year-old Australian Shepherd mix. He arrived at the shelter as a stray, picked up (along with another dog) by animal control over a week ago. His cellmate was adopted, but Bones is still looking for a forever home.

To help him find a loving home, he is "sponsored", which means someone has already paid for his adoption fees. You can adopt Bones now at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter for $0.

Bones is super friendly.

This big boy is happy and playful. He loves leaning in for a rump scratch and displayed a moderate interest in toys. We asked Derek Wulf, Humane Outreach Coordinator at YVAS, why Bones's back half of his body has been shaved. Wulf said when Bones arrived at the shelter, his fur was badly matted. Hence the interesting hair-do. He vaguely resembles a chunky lion.

Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Credit Jaci Bjorne, TSM

YVAS says "THANK YOU!", Billings.

During our visit today, Derek expressed how grateful they have been for the community support they've received over the last few weeks. The shelter was at critical capacity and not only did they set record adoption numbers during this period, but YVAS received numerous donations and even some treats for the staff.

Browse all of the animals currently available at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter HERE. Thank you, Shipton's Big R for supporting animal adoption in the Billings area!

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