Lane widening and traffic signal work will begin next week around one of the busiest intersections on Billings' west end, which could have traffic snarled in the area for the next month and a half.

According to the post on the City of Billings Public Works Facebook page, crews will begin to restrict traffic at 24th Street West and Central Avenue beginning this Monday, August 22.

Delays are expected for the next 45 days around this intersection as the City of Billings Public Works teams begins to widen the lanes, and upgrade corners and traffic signals.

In an effort to ease traffic congestion in the area, the Public Works Department suggests you take an alternate route during construction, and ask for your "patience and understanding."

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

The construction will likely disrupt regular traffic flow near West High School and Central Heights Elementary, which has frustrated some parents who will have to drive in the area.

Katrina Marie Aaby posted her comments on Facebook saying, "Good job city planners. Traffic is bad enough when high school starts. Let's restrict it on the first day of school on purpose."

In a response to some comments about road construction beginning as school starts back up, the City of Billings Public Works responded with the following:

We are just as disappointed as everyone else. We've been affected by the supply chain issue like the rest of the country and couldn't get this important project done early this summer as planned. We are, however, working with the schools to help come up with a traffic plan. Please be extra careful & drive safe! -City of Billings via Facebook

A delay in materials is also causing delays in the completion of a water main repair on Colton Boulevard.

In a social media post, the City of Billings Public Works says they hope to complete the project at 2340 Colton Blvd. by this Friday (8/19) and advise motorists that traffic east of 24th Street West will be affected through this week.

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