I do a radio talk show. I do commentary. I offer opinions. That being said, it is still incredibly important to separate fact from fiction, to point out when something is a theory, and when something actually happened. Why doesn't the mainstream media do that anymore?

FoxNews.com had a great piece earlier this week where the authors highlighted story after story after story where the liberal media mob promoted conspiracy theories, or called real news stories conspiracies. From Hunter Biden's laptop, to the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Covington Catholic school kids, and more- the liberal media mob constantly gets it wrong.

Thankfully, we didn't buy the mainstream media narrative in any of those stories. Even though we do commentary, we did what journalists are supposed to do: question all sides. Separate fact from fiction.

Here in Montana, we challenged the lockdowns, the mandates, and more. And thankfully we did.

We also covered Hunter Biden's laptop story with a uniquely Montana angle, as we did a show from a cigar lounge with the guy who helped track down the laptop.

I shared the below story on Twitter and it was funny to see one of the radical dark money environmental activists comment on the Montana politics hashtag on Twitter (#MTPol). He laughably claimed that WE push conspiracy theories. He, of course, provided no specific examples.

Another likely anonymous liberal commentator at least tried to give this example regarding the Paul Pelosi attack story: "Didn't you just joke about the Pelosi gay male hooker lie?"

Actually, I specifically responded to those theories when others brought that up by saying there is no evidence, at least that we had seen so far as of Tuesday morning, that that allegation is true.

See, because that's what you're supposed to do- separate fact from fiction, separate theory from that which is provable. Why isn't the mainstream news media doing this?


By the way, if you want to know WHY the radical Left and the media calls anyone who disagrees with their fake news narratives a "conspiracy theorist"- Michael Knowles has a good argument, as reported in this piece at TheDailyWire.com:

“The true function of the label ‘conspiracy theorist’ is not to separate truth from fantasy, but rather to simply get dissidents to shut up,” the host of “The Michael Knowles Show” commented, adding that the Left’s accusations of “conspiracy theorist” often “destroys a man’s label in the public square.”




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