So recently I got the neatest thing in the world! It is a blowup hot tub! I didn't even know that made something this sweet!

I had a few gift cards for Sears and decided I better use them before I forgot about them. I tend to that when it comes gift cards. So I got online to do some shopping! When I came across the hot tub I about lost my mind! Not only is cool because it blows up but it is portable! You could totally take anywhere you go! Camping, vacation, to a friends house! Plus the price was too good to pass up!

It fits four people and only takes a few house to heat up all the way to 104 degrees! I have to say it is totally the best thing I have ever bought. The hours on entertainment made it worth every cent. Plus it has a sweet cover so I don't have to worry about bugs and stuff getting it or my dogs for that matter.

I did however learn not to get in before work because boy oh boy do you get real tired real fast after relaxing in the heat. It is after work toy not a before haha I look forward to going home ever day now!


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