Fashion tends to have some very funky trends from time to time and this might be the weirdest thing I have heard about in along time. As girls we all love sparkly things. Glitter is fun but terrible to clean up so that is why this new trend blows my mind.

With warm weather around the corner it is time for concerts and festivals. Usually the trends are summer dresses and  flowers in your hair but not this year. Glitter is all the rage in 2017! I'm not talking t-shirts and jeans with glitter... the outfits are painted onto you! No joke!

Remember when painted on clothes were a thing well glitter clothes it basically the same concept. They use a glue that is water proof toss a bunch of glitter into the glue mixture and then paint your body! I think it would be terribly uncomfortable and very messy. Looks pretty but that is the only plus in my eyes. Plus what if you sat on something with a terrible surface like cement would it take it off your booty? How do you get it off? Does it peel off like a face mask? So many questions! It is safe to say this is not something I will every try.

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