State ag officials have confirmed another outbreak of the bird flu in Iowa that will force an egg-laying farm to kill more than 5 million chickens. It's the second case of avian influenza in that county west of Des Moines.

That farm had 5.3 million chickens that will have to be destroyed. Officials say there are no serious health concerns; yeah -- unless you're another chicken. Just think if animal activists would have let those birds be in cages they could have stopped that pandemic.

Now when America got sick, officials quarantined humans to their homes and wouldn't let them out for 10 days or else. But the chickens had people fighting for their freedom.

Have you heard the latest CDC commercials being run on radio across the country? The CDC recommends everyone get vaccinated because it can prevent serious illness and hospitalizations.

I hope you folks remember when I wrote an article last year that said the same thing and that the vaccine does not mean you won't get or can't spread it. The haters came out of the woodwork and did not listen to the scientists that said that very thing. Called me reckless among other things.

Right, Josh? We haven't heard much from him ever since people who were vaccinated got it, spread it, and even died after receiving three shots. Total deaths are now 971,162 and no doubt will hit 1 million soon. None of which are Joe Bidens's responsibility, unlike the first 400,000 where Trump had blood on his hands.

Things sure have changed. Let's go Brandon.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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