Over the weekend I took Chubbs, the Chocolate Brown Dog out for a nice run / walk down by the river. He ran. I walked. Other than the wind, it was a pretty decent weekend to get out and enjoy some snow-free winter days in Montana.

He loves going to a place called Sundance Lodge. It's an access area of public land just southeast of Laurel that borders up to the Clarks Fork river. It really is a great spot to take the dogs or enjoy nature a bit.

Anyway, as we were coming around a little part of a side trail I noticed this kind of creepy looking structure, made out of sticks and bark and old wood. In the summertime I am sure it's practically unnoticeable and would be mostly hidden by tall grass and the foliage from the bushes its tucked behind.

Of course I had to look inside, and honestly my heart started beating a little faster. What if there was dead body inside?! What if there was a bloody knife!? What if I found disturbing items?! It's crazy how your imagination runs wild. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon an obvious hobo camp at a different spot near the river and the stuff that was left inside creeped the heck out of me.

There was nothing inside this shelter. Not even a scrap of clothing. It was obvious that someone had been sleeping there though.  It was carefully "insulated" on the inside with grass and there was a tiny little pile of rocks that showed remnants of a tiny little fire. This clap-trap shelter made me think of how many people are sleeping outside every night in Yellowstone County.  Or, maybe they're have shelter, but can't afford heat right now.  I'd love to see you help us out with Operation Warm.  Donate a new or used coat or blanket now through December 22nd and when you do, you get a chance to win a new washer and dryer set from Fred's Appliance.

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