Don't know what to get for someone? Completely forgot that you were suppose to get a gift for a party or a co-worker? Have a gift lying around your house that you never used and could definitely use a new home? All of these questions lead to re-gifting as the answer. In case you aren't sure what re-gifting is, here is the definition: to give (a previously received gift) to someone else.

Now, there are some gifts that are easier to re-gift than others. I.e. candles, books, gadgets and gift cards. There are also some people that are easier to re-gift to than other like your friends or co-workers... as long as another coworker or related friend didn't give the gift. You have to make sure that that gift will never make its way back around to the original giver. That would be embarrassing so to avoid that here are a few pointers:

  • Original packing and unopened
  • Make sure it hasn't been personalized
  • Current - no glass candle sticks...
  • Re-wrap it and put a fresh card with it

How to recognize a re-gift:

  • Scarves and other accessories
  • Picture frames
  • Vases
  • Things that don't come in a specific size
  • Fancy novelty items and wine/liquor

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