The year was 2018, and news of President Donald Trump's arrival in Billings was met with a mixture of excitement and disdain, depending on who you were talking to. President Trump held a rally at MetraPark that evening, and among the topics of conversation were the US-Mexico Border and Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem. But, amidst it all, there was one man who actually got a chuckle out of the entire internet. His name was simply, "Plaid Shirt Guy."

Who Was the Plaid Shirt Guy?

His actual name is Tyler Linfesty, and at the time, he was a Senior at Billings West High School. He had attended the Trump rally with his friends, and was featured during television coverage of the rally making puzzled faces and mouthing phrases such as, "What?" and "Is that true?" while the President was making his speech.

Linfesty and all of his friends were eventually replaced by other people, and he told CNN that he was sat down by the Secret Service and was told "very politely" to leave and not return. His facial expressions exploded on social media, and the viral sensation known as "Plaid Shirt Guy" was born.

Was Plaid Shirt Guy Messing Around?

In his interview with CNN, Linfesty stated that every single one of his reactions were genuine. He had clapped for the President when he agreed with something he said and didn't react enthusiastically when he disagreed. It just turned out that his lack of enthusiastic response led to his eventual removal from the rally. But, not before giving some folks online a good laugh.

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I personally thought his "performance" was awesome and hilarious. I have no idea what Plaid Shirt Guy is up to these days, but I sure hope he's having a great time, and I also hope he never forgets that he was a viral sensation.

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