We're just a couple of days away from Kitten Yoga, June 18th at Liberty and Vine Country Store. I can't tell you how excited I was to see kittens doing yoga.  I mean, I thought I was a miracle worker when I got a kitten to poop in a box and not scratch the furniture, but yoga? That's some skilled training. Then I learned that the kittens weren't actually participating in the yoga, but rather just adding to the ambiance.

I would guess that anyone who practices yoga on a regular basis is physically healthier than me, so this isn't meant to be a put down, I'm just not hip and cool enough to get it.  I referred to the Encyclopedia Galactica (Google) to see if it could answer "What is the point of Kitten Yoga?" The short answer is that there isn't a point, other than the obvious "kittens are cute." If you have an aversion to cats, you might be excited to know that Dog Yoga and Goat Yoga are practiced as well.  On the other hand, if you're a cat lover who likes to bend your body in weird positions while trying not to fart, you should definitely attend this event.



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