OMG. Have you seen the trailer for Disney's remake of Dumbo? It came on the TV a few nights ago while my family was all in the living room, and when the trailer came on, the chatter stopped. Everyone looked up from their phones and watched quietly.  It looks awesome.

On the remake, everything is live action, real people actors, except for the CGI Dumbo.  Release date is slated for March 2019.  I'm not sure who the cast members are, other than Danny Devito plays the circus ringmaster. As the trailer ended I gave my adult stepdaughter a hard time about being a "cryer" at movies and how she'd better bring her Kleenex to this one. Honestly, my eyes might get a little watery too. Damn you Disney.

Other big Hollywood blockbusters headed our direction this season include:

  • The House With A Clock On Its Walls - They're calling it a children's gothic horror film. ?? Starring Jack Black and Cate Blanchett this one is about a clock that can DESTROY THE UNIVERSE!!! In theaters now.
  • Venom - A Spiderman spin-off starring Tom Hardy. Comic book movies are all the rage. We'll see how this one turns out. Opens Oct 5th.
  • A Star Is Born - Starring Lady Gaga and co-starring/written by Bradley Cooper. Tons of buzz on this movie and it looks pretty good. Opens Oct. 5th.
  • First Man - Everybody loves Ryan Reynolds... But does everyone love space movies? We'll see when this true tale of the man on the moon opens Oct. 12th.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - The tale of Freddy Mercury as the front-man of rock legends Queen.  I've never been a tremendous fan of Queen, but the trailer looks really good. Opens Nov 2.

Have fun if you're headed to the theater this weekend. According to the forecast, it's probably a great time to catch a show!

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