The Edgar Bar is for sale.

Maybe you've heard the news; maybe not. One of the area's most beloved steakhouses has hit the market. It's not in a trendy, West End shopping center, nor is it located in a hipster-ish renovated building downtown. Instead, this old-school destination restaurant is in the tiny town of Edgar, MT, where the population hovers around 150.

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Local beef and signature jumbo prawns.

If you've never been to the Edgar Bar, it's understandable. It's somewhat easy to miss when you're driving down the two-lane between Billings and Bridger on Highway 310; maybe on your way to Lovell or on a return trip on the Chief Joseph Highway. There is not a lot of signage for the Edgar Bar and they don't really seem to advertise much.

When I mentioned the restaurant to a co-worker today (who has lived in Billings for years), she had never even heard of the place. I was flabbergasted. "You've never been to the Edgar Bar?!," I borderline shouted. Yet Billings residents in the know have been making the 40-minute trip for years, simply because the food and service have always been so good. We thought we'd pen an open letter to whoever buys this local favorite.


Dear Future Edgar Bar Owner(s),

Speaking on behalf of loyal Edgar Bar fans everywhere, we're writing this note in hopes that you will thoughtfully consider our requests. We've celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, and random Sunday afternoons at the Edgar Bar for decades. We're saddened to see it change hands because honestly, change is always uncomfortable and a little bit scary. 

What if you change everything? What if you stop purchasing perfectly-marbled local beef from a rancher down the road? What if you drop your famous jumbo prawns from the menu? What if you nix live music on your back patio during our short, but fun-filled summers?

Many of us feel like the Edgar Bar is one of the few classic Montana steakhouses near Billings. Kind of like the Land of Magic or Sir Scott's Oasis (before everything got real Bozeman-y in Bozeman). The Edgar Bar reminds us of other great hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Lewistown, Miles City, or any number of tiny towns dotted across the Treasure State. 

We realize you can buy this bar and change it however you'd like. Maybe add your own flair or completely blow things up. You buy it, you can obviously do whatever you want. But we're all hoping you continue the tradition of offering high-quality steaks, burgers, giant jumbo prawns, and an authentic Montana dining experience. 


Edgar Bar Fans Everywhere

The Edgar Bar is listed by NAI Business Properties at $1,675,000. The listing includes a full beverage liquor/gaming license, a 21,000-square-foot lot, a modular for staff housing, and a turnkey business.

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