I'm on the road today with the a portion of the fam, headed to Salt Lake City to take my little one in for a follow up doctors appointment. Traveling with a crabby two year old on a 8 1/2 hour journey is a real treat. You know what helps make the miles go by a little less painfully?  SNACKS!!

Snack for baby include: freeze dried fruits that come in a variety of flavors (like banana chips, strawberries, etc.). Goldfish crackers. Who doesn't love those presidential colored little crackers? She also likes raisins, fruit snacks, gummy bears, cheese and other finger foods. We'll have to stop for french fries at some point because she LOVES fries.

My wife and step-daughter grabbed us some "healthier" snacks too, like those nut and cheese protein pack things.  Where's the junk food!?? Don't worry.  We've got that covered too, with a few cans of Pringles, a box of the jumbo sized Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies and some other garbage foods. Yum.

I'm a salty snack kind of guy. Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Nuts are at the top of my list.  Also great for annoying your fellow passengers with the obnoxious crunching. Quality beef jerky is one of my other favorites, and a bag of spits is nice to keep your mouth busy while burning down the miles (just salt - I don't do those crazy dill pickle or ranch flavored ones).

What are some of your favorite road trip treats? Let's hear them in the Comments.

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