The massive collision of vehicles over the I-90 Lockwood Bridge on Saturday morning was likely one of the biggest pileups in recent Billings history. Reports from the Montana Highway patrol say 30 vehicles were involved in the bridge collisions, plus another 10 vehicles crashed in the immediate area. Dozens of people involved in the wreck are likely feeling some sore muscles and bruises this week and two Lodge Grass teenagers are feeling significantly more pain.

Celea Poitra (19) and Gahge Whiteman (17) were severely injured when they were knocked off the bridge while rescuing children who were trapped in another vehicle hit in the pileup. They fell about 60 feet, landing on the frozen rocks on the riverbed. Their account is described on the Gofundme page,

Gahge and Celea managed to save the children in danger but while in the act of heroism tragedy hit and both Gahge and Celea were thrown over the bridge and fell 60 feet to the frozen ground below. 

Both are recovering in the hospital with multiple injuries. According to the Billings Gazette, Celea is in the ICU with a fractured pelvis, fractured neck, broken leg and punctured lung. Gahge is also hospitalized with similar injuries. KTVQ reported the teens where riding in a pickup with their grandmother to a dentists appointment when they became involved in the massive pileup.

As of Monday evening (3/1) the families GoFundMe account has raised over $50,000.  I think it would be great to see it double. Both of those kids are facing multiple surgeries with possibly years of complications or pain. They're being raised by their grandmother and their vehicle did not have full coverage insurance.

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