When I first heard about a "radio-thon" for St. Vincent's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, it didn't make sense to me.  I mean, healthcare isn't cheap, so why would this hospital need money from me?  It turns out that the answer to that question makes complete sense.

Pediatric ICU's (PICU's) are a very specialized form of medicine.  They require not only special equipment, but specialized staff as well.  Not all surgeons have the skills to work on tiny bodies.

Most cities that have a PICU also have a large population to help support all of the additional costs. Before we had a PICU in Billings, we had to transport many sick and injured kids to Denver or Salt Lake City because we simply didn't have the resources to treat them here in Billings.  That still happens in some cases, but for the most part, we are able to give kids the treatment they need right here in Billings.

On Thursday, 2/16, our sister station, Cat Country 102.9, will be hosting their annual radio-thon to benefit the St. Vincent's Healthcare PICU.  We'll be sharing updates and the ways to donate on Kiss FM and if you have the means to help, please do so.  It's a great local cause that supports something I hope you never need.

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