How would you spend $1,000 here in Billings?  I can tell you what I would do!

You've got to make sure you're looking good first off.  So, hair is a "Must" first!  Then? Shopping for clothes.  I don't like to shop personally. However, I won't kick a gift horse in the mouth.  I could always use a new pair of jeans or a couple of new shirts. Ha!

This of course will stir up a hunger...for lunch.  I would take the family out to lunch.  Recently I have discovered Rio Sabina's here in Billings.  I love them!  I'm not even a big fan of Mexican food, but their Carne Asada is superb!

Now, time for entertainment! Movie time!  I'd have to go check out the new "Thor" movie as I love me some Chris Hemsworth! Yum! A friend of mine loves Loki.  What is she thinking?

Now what? I think it's time to do something fun for the entire family!  Someplace with games and fun.  Chucky Cheese's? No way in H@!#! I'm thinking Geyser Park or Steepworld! Tons of fun to be had at either place!

Then on to the book store.  I know, I know.  I'm a dork.  I LOVE books!  I'd love to load up on a ton of them too.  Enough to keep me busy for a month or so.  Ahhh, that would be great!

Any dollars left would be kept for a trip to Las Vegas! Black 15 baby! Who doesn't love to go to Vegas anyways? Plus, it's pretty inexpensive to go too and you might even win some more bucks.

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What would you do with an extra $1,000 or even $10,000 in your pocket?  What am I missing out one?  Comment below and share!


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