The City of Billings is up in arms on social media today because it seems like everybody has seen massive increases in their energy bills. Normally during the Winter, people see increases in price due to turning on their heat. But the consensus of many citizens is that the increase is extremely massive; sometimes even up to triple what it was the previous month.

The Price to Heat Your Home Has Spiked Immensely in Billings

When I was living in my home in the Heights last year, my energy bill went from around $50 to almost $100 once I turned on my heat. That was because my apartment heat was powered by baseboard heaters that used such a massive amount of electricity that my usage would double. But apparently, this year's increases are insanely high, and people are kind of split on what the cause is.

We reached out to the folks here in Billings and asked how badly their energy bills have increased. A good majority of folks have seen double the price, but some citizens have reported triple the price of what they paid last month. One of our commenters stated that their bill from Montana-Dakota was estimated between $4,000 and $5,000 this month. That's absolutely mental to comprehend.

What are Some Tips for Saving Money on Energy Bills?

On a list of 15 tips to keep electric bills down from the website, some of the best tips were to not block your air vents and actually turn down the thermostat temperatures. If you're getting chilly in your home, it's best to just layer up and stay cozy; it will save you some money overall.

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