Last nights show was AMAZING! The music, the band, the crowd, the lights... all of it. Plus, the power blow at the beginning of the show was kind of interesting but we need to talk about something that caught my eye. Something that I NEED.

Jenn/ TSM/ Twenty One Pilots show Bozeman
Jenn/ TSM/ Twenty One Pilots show Bozeman

THIS. This Hawaiian flower cardigan is amazing and it needs to be added to my wardrobe. Clearly he pulls it off really well so I am skeptical about how good it would look on me but one thing is for sure. I want it. Other than finding this bad boy (which I'm sure it costs $$$) but I am going to need the weather to get a little warmer also.

Hope you enjoyed the show if you were there and all of us here at KISS hope you made it back safe!!

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