Jen had talked about things we wish would come to Billings and a few days ago and I really didn't think too much about what I would pick until last night while I was flipping through channels. I couldn't help but notice all of the commercials that played of things we do not currently have here in Billings. Seeing those commercials almost make me super jealous of the towns that do have them. It was like the T.V was rubbing it my face that we don't have these things! I swear channel after channel was full of things I wish we had. It started off with Dave and Busters and then T.G.I. Fridays was next and it got me thinking what would I love to be the next big thing to come to Billings.

Not only would I love to see some of the bigger restaurants come to town but I would also like to see some retailers too. Maybe like a Banana Republic or something really fancy like Nike Outlet store. I think that at the rate that Billings is growing it won't be long before we have some more big names coming to town!

If you think about it we do have a lot of buildings around town that would be a prime spot for something awesome. Sports Authority on 24th Street, The old K-Mart stores, and many more around town that just sit empty for now. I know that there has been talk of things going into these various buildings around town and that is exciting to think that it may happen one day and who knows what it could possibly be!

If you could have one thing to come to Billings what would it be? I personally would love a Dave and Busters it is basically an adult Chucky Cheese! Games, prizes, food, and adult beverages! Sign me up! Maybe one day my wish will come true!

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