April 18. Somehow this day shows up every year faster than Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter combined! Minus the fact that no one actually looks forward to this day with celebration.... Well, that is if you aren't getting any money back. If you are, hooray!

But if you are like the rest of us who have to fork over even more money than we already have then you might need to be eating on the cheap for a few days! Luckily, Billings has some of the best food and at 'I just paid my taxes' friendly prices!

1. King's Hat - two 'Flying Burgers' PLEASE! At $1.85 for each of those.... super tax friendly!

2. Cafe Rio - If you go on Tuesdays, Taco's are only $1.95 because duh, #TacoTuesday !

3. Lemongrass Thai - Get a couple orders of chicken Pad Thai and you are set for at least a week!

4. McDonald's - Let's be real... Chicken Nuggets are life.

5. Lucky's Market - Two slices of pizza for $5.... Can't beat that!

6. Pickle Barrel - Cheap, delicious and HUGE portions! One sandwich should get you through a few days!

7. Rendezvous Casino and Burger Grill - super good burgers and fries for only $10! Yes, please! 

Got any other good eats that are cheap? Comment below!

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