How Many Of These Objects From The ’70s Can You Identify?

I'm going to date myself here, but I was born in the '70s.

Now, sure, it was at the very end of the decade, but the fact remains that I was born when these items were brand new.

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A young woman sits on her boyfriends lap in the 1970s

Everything That Is Old Is New Again

Growing up with most of these items in the house, I had no problem identifying all the items in the gallery below, but what's funny to me is how so many items from this era are coming back.

Records are making a comeback, along with the vintage audio gear to play them on.

It's amazing that some of these products are still functioning; it's almost as if companies used to build things to last and not become obsolete in two years.

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A retro tv set up from the 1970s

Some Things Are Better Left In The Dustbin Of The Past

While there are some amazing things from this era that I enjoy and even own, there are some things we here in Montana don't need to be coming back.

I think we can agree that polyester clothes can stay in the '70s. I enjoy the style of clothes from that era, but cotton has a better feel.

Also, lead in our gas; it's probably best that we no longer use that these days.

So check out the gallery below and see how many of these objects you recognize, and for even more fun, ask your Generation Z and Alpha family members if they know what these items were used for.

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