As time rolls on people's attitudes and trends change. Just look at some of the popular things when I was a kid, you don't see big hair, parachute pants or "moon boots" around much these days. Some people may know what I am talking about, and some people may have to search about those things online.

Currently there is a list that has resurfaced from a 1995 GQ magazine that has gone viral, according to the New York Post. The viral list mentions Montana.

Montana Mentioned in Viral 1995 List

The list that has gone viral is about current trends from 29 years ago. The writers of GQ put together a list of most "Overrated" things in 1995. The list is compiled of "81 people, places and things utterly unworthy of the praise and respect they’d received." Some of the most "overrated" things on the list:

  • Rain forests
  • Shaved heads
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame
  • All-you-can-eat-shrimp
  • The smell of fresh-cut grass

This list was obviously not meant to be taken too seriously. Looking at it today it can be amusing, or offensive, depending on your point of view. Among the long list of "overrated" things there is one that stood out to me. Appearing on the list from 1995 is "Montana-based writers".

Why Would "Montana-based writers" Be on the List?

Why would this be on this list? A "Montana-based writer" could be someone who's based in Montana or someone who's writing is based in Montana. We can speculate that it may be because in the early 1990's there were a couple very popular movies that were focused on Montana. Some would say these movies helped propel Brad Pitt into an international star. They would be "A River Runs Through It" released in 1992, and "Legends of the Fall" released in 1994. Both movies were based off of books about Montana. "A River Runs Through It And Other Stories" from 1976 was written by Norman MacLean. "Legends of the Fall", which was a trilogy of novellas, written by Jim Harrison and published in 1979.

Montana Was Everywhere In the Early '90's

In the early 1990's, for some, it seemed like Montana was everywhere in the media. You couldn't escape it. Maybe that is why Montana made this list. If you want to take a look back at what it was like to be in Missoula in the 1990's you should check this out.

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There may be some people today who feel that anything "Montana-related" should be included on an "overrated" list. I would argue that the art, music, writing and stories that come out of Montana deserve both respect and praise, not ridicule.

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