There seems to be no institution immune from scams. The latest is a warning from the Lead Extras Casting Directors for the TV show "Yellowstone."

Job-related scams are a trend that seems to be picking up. We shared a story about a scam that involved receiving a text message with a job offer, known as a "task scam."

This week the Facebook page run by the Lead Extras Casting Directors for "Yellowstone" posted about another job-related scam. They say phony and imitation "Yellowstone" casting pages are making requests for contact information, like phone numbers and social security numbers.

They explain they "will not ask you for your Social Security number and we do not 'onboard' or have people fill out 'applications' online or on Facebook," adding that with their process "you will fill out paperwork on set."

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A Very Real Opportunity for Extras in Helena Montana

If you are interested in being an extra for "Yellowstone" you may still have a chance. The (real) casting page also shared a post on June 5 with a request for more male extras in Helena. You'll have to act fast--this is for next Monday and Tuesday.

If you're wondering what it's like to be a "Yellowstone" extra, a buddy of ours was an extra on the show and shared all the nitty gritty details. There may be some differences now because he was an extra in 2020, but he also mentioned having to fill out paperwork on set as described above.

If you're not interested in being an extra, but still want to know what it's like, Ryan describes what his whole day was like filming at the Gray Wolf Peak Casino.

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