Seriously stop it. This may be one of the greatest things I've ever seen. It's clearly perfect for holiday celebrations but in all honestly, all year round works just fine for me, too. I hope they become a regular thing.

New this year it's all about a delicious shot of whatever you want inside a chocolate chip cookie shot glass. This edible shot glass is from none other than the king of chocolate chip cookies, Nestle Toll House. Of course, they're getting a free plug because come on, it's a chocolate chip cookie shot glass that you eat after you've tossed back that Baileys or Kahlua. At least that's what I would put in them.

Maybe you can even put these out for Santa's milk and cookies moment. I found about these on the Foodsided website. Is it too presumptuous to have children doing shots of milk?

Nestle Toll House via Facebook
Nestle Toll House via Facebook

Foodsided says that these are from the original recipe giving us all something a bit different to toast with during hour holiday celebrations.

Now, I don't like this part but it is what it is. This year this gimmicky fun means filling out a form to get the baking kit. So if you want to enter then click here for the Toll House cookies shot form. It took me all of 20 seconds to fill it out.

According to the Nestle Toll House Facebook page, each kit includes Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, three types of Morsels, a baking mold, and a $25 gift card to purchase a drink of your choice. They're taking entries through Dec. 8.

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