German steakhouse heiress Christina Block's two children have been reportedly kidnapped.

According to German newspaper Bild, Klara, 13, and Theodor, 10, were taken while watching fireworks with their father and Block's ex-husband, Stephan Hansel, shortly after midnight local time on New Year's Eve.

Christina, 49, is the daughter of steakhouse mogul Eugen Block, who owns the popular restaurant chain Block House.

According to The Telegraph, Danish police said a group of men knocked down Hensel before fleeing with his two children in rental cars sporting German plates.

The two rental cars are described as a Citroën DS7 Crossback with license plate DN-AV 9551 and a Mercedes A-Class with license plate number WI-W 6481 E.

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Danish police are currently investigating to determine whether or not the alleged kidnapping is linked to a custody battle, according to the outlet.

Christina and her ex-husband have reportedly been in an ongoing nasty custody battle since they split in 2018.

Per The Telegraph, a police official said they are investigating "whether there is a connection between the night’s events and the question of parental authority."

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German authorities told Bild that they are involved "because of a possible kidnapping."

Other than Klara and Theodor, whose whereabouts remain unknown as of publishing, the former couple also share two older daughters: Johanna, 17, and Greta, 15.

Johanna reportedly "voluntarily" chose to live with her dad, while Greta lives with her mom.

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