A man on Reddit revealed his ex-wife is upset because he didn't invite her to his wedding to his now-husband.

"I was married to my ex-wife for two years before we divorced because I realized I was gay. I had been out as bi from age 16 as I knew I liked men but also liked women, however, I realized when I was 24 that I didn’t like women," he wrote.

"So I told my wife I wanted a divorce but said I was happy to co-parent our 1-year-old [at the time], she agreed. We both lived in London until recently ... I moved to Switzerland to live with my now-husband and we got married there," the man continued on Reddit.

He explained that he didn't invite his ex-wife as she has a new boyfriend who "would definitely say something homophobic at the wedding."

"I have complete custody of our son as he wanted to live with me and my ex agreed. Now our son was at the wedding and looked so smart so I sent photos to my ex and she started messaging me and calling me telling me I am so rude for not inviting her or even telling her and she ... wanted our son back with her," he shared.

Now, his ex-wife's family keeps messaging him, calling him an "a--hole" for not telling her about the wedding.

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The man's post was met with mixed reactions from readers in the comments section.

"A simple 'getting married' text would not have killed you. If she's still involved in her son's life, knowing major life events are happening is a valid complaint. No need to invite her [though]. Do we have a 'can everyone just do better' tag?" one person wrote.

"So f---ing what? It's not the child getting married. Is he supposed to text her his dinner plans as well?" another user wrote, to which someone else replied, "She’s that child’s mother, it’s just simple manners to keep her updated about things like this."

"She knew they were engaged, so she knew they were getting married, that's what being engaged means. Outside of the child and the child's well-being, it's not any of her business unless that's what they agreed to post-marriage. So no, not a valid complaint," someone else commented.

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