I brought a jar of pickled eggs in this morning to share with my friends and coworkers. As it turns out, I am apparently the only one on this entire floor who will actually eat one. Are they my favorite thing ever? Nope. Am I fascinated by the fact that I can have eggs in the studio with no refrigeration and these beauties still taste the same as day one? Yep!

In case you missed Kaitlyn's run down, these other fine pickled things are also available:

Pickled Pork Hocks
Pickled Turkey Gizzards
Pickled Bologna
Pickled Polish Sausage

By the way, if you're having a tough time finding these beauties, shop your local IGA. What a great stocking stuffer these would make, and they fit right into the Go Figure diet plan (although, they didn't exactly recommend them).

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