My wife and I love watching the TV series Yellowstone Wardens. Animal Planet/Discovery produces the series. The reality show is a camera crew following Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Game Wardens as they go about their day in Regions 1 through 7.

Most of the action in the series occurs during hunting season. It amazes me how many hunters either don't know (or refuse to obey) the simplest rules of hunting in Montana.

Photo by Leonhard Niederwimmer on Unsplash
Photo by Leonhard Niederwimmer on Unsplash

Summer in Montana means hitting the rivers and lakes.

Some episodes of Yellowstone Wardens are filmed during the summer, and in these episodes, most of their encounters with the public occur on the water. With thousands of locals and out-of-staters enjoying our lakes and rivers during our short summer season, the wardens have their hands full.

In one episode we recently watched, much of the footage was filmed near Canyon Ferry, where the wardens spent most of their day inspecting watercraft for invasive species, checking for unapproved fishing bait, and valid fishing licenses. They also pulled over a handful of kayakers. 


If you kayak in Montana, you're required to stop at watercraft checkpoints.

Wildlife officials in Montana are very concerned about invasive species, particularly mussels. Boaters know they must stop at any watercraft inspection station they encounter.

If you think a kayak isn't a boat, you're wrong in the eyes of the law. Kayakers are required to stop too. ALL watercraft from boats and jet skis to kayaks, canoes, rafts, and paddleboards must stop at the checkpoint or risk a ticket. There are additional rules and regulations for bringing a watercraft to Montana from out of state. See them HERE.

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