This breaks my heart. On August 29th two little boys had their custom skate boards stolen. One of the little boys went over to a friends house and ran into his friends house to have ice cream. The boys had left their skate boards in the front yard and in that short time someone came by and took them. These boys are very sweet and love to pass their time working on their boards. So this is where we step in to help out these sweet boys. Stop by on Saturday September 2nd at 2316 6th Ave. North from 8am-11am.

Make your bike shiny and help these kids out! They will be selling lemonade for 50 cents, adult beverages for a donation, Gatorade and water for $1.00 and bike washes for donations. Please come down and help these boys get new boards! If it is busy bike washing will go past 2pm. Hope to see you there!

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