Look, I'm a guy who doesn't traditionally enjoy musicals. My wife loves them. I've seen Mamma Mia, High School Musical, and Grease more times than I'd like to admit. Considering musicals aren't really my passion, I surprised myself when I said - out loud - that the upcoming Legally Blonde musical production at the Alberta Bair looks like so much fun.

Loosely based on the movie.

The 2001 blockbuster starring Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, and Selma Blair was a sleeper hit that went on to gross over $140 million at the box office. The MGM movie won a handful of awards and nominations, including winning an MTV Movie Award, a Teen Choice Award, and a Golden Globe nomination. Surely you've seen the film and are familiar with the plotline. You can probably quote some of the memorable lines like this gem,

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. - Elle Woods

An ABT press release described the show,

This contemporary, sassy musical moves at a breakneck pace driven by memorable songs and explosive dances. Legally Blonde - The Musical warms the heart by proving that self-discovery can be way too much fun and hilarious to boot.

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Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The day after Valentine's Day at the ABT.

Legally Blonde - The Musical is February 15 at the spectacular Alberta Bair Theater. Ticket prices range from $52 (student) to $77, plus non-refundable fees and you can get them HERE. The calendar is full of other great shows in February at the ABT, including country stars Kathy Mattea and Suzy Bogguss (performing together), comedian Brian Regan, and 'The Spirit Awakens with the Billings Symphony.

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