Fast-food restaurants have offered bowl meals for years.  KFC has Famous Bowls, Arby's has a bowl, and Wendys has chili cheese fries.  Mac and cheese with chicken, bacon and other fixings.  They're good for a quick meal when too tired to cook.  But you want a higher grade of bowl meal, Brazilian style, I highly recommend Five on Black at 316 S 24th Street in west Billings.

My son and I attended the fundraiser there for Out of the Darkness for suicide prevention.  Upon entry, diners have a series of six options for their bowls, including a base such as rice and brown rice, a meat like beef or chicken, a side, sauce and toppings.

When I knew my options, I ordered and the young lady filled my bowl as quickly as I spoke.  About 30 seconds, faster than fast food.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

And good?  OMG!  I had the Churrasco chicken with brown rice, with coconut roasted sweet potato and mango barbeque sauce.  This is dining outside of the box.  The mango sauce gave a fruity heat to the meal.  I filled a fork with a bit from my selections, and each forkful warmed the taste buds in flavor.

A small bowl is just right for a filling meal, but if you're really hungry, or you want leftovers, then a large bowl is best.  The restaurant is even environmentally conscientious, with the composting of the bowl and dinnerware.

Five on Black elevates the bowl meal to top tier.  With the variety of options, you can come in often and experience a different Brazilian dining adventure each time.

Other chains may need to step up their game.  Heehee, good.

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