I am sure you have heard the rumblings of motorcycles all over town. The roads are clear the sun is shinning and the bikes are out. Not just motorcycles but bicycles too. Working downtown I have seen many bikes in just the past few days. It is so important that we be on the look out for bikes and other forms of transportation.

Did you know that having anything hanging from your rearview mirror can create a pretty big blind spot? I remember when I first got my drivers license. I was out running around town with my grandma and oh my gosh did she ever give me a lecture about the necklace I had hanging. She ripped it down and explained what a hazard it was because it was blocking what I could see in the distance!

She was right it did block my view and it wasn't even a big chunky necklace! After she pointed it out I could see what she was saying. A bike was heading towards me and I couldn't see him. I could hear him and the only reason I could is because my radio had broke. Otherwise I would have been jamming and probably not had even heard him.

My grandma was a cop for many years and she said every year someone would be in a very bad accident because the driver could not see them behind the stuff hanging. Even things the size of a ballpoint pen can hide someone on a bike.

So remember to look twice then proceed on your way! Look twice save a life. Oh and of course share the road!

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